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"Wow! This is gorgeous I am blown away! Thank you -can't wait to share with my daughter today!"


"I made a princess with a rainbow dress, and Mini Studio turned her into a real doll. She's my favorite."

Matt Cannon

“What a magical experience! Making thebook together as afamily was very fun, and seeing my son's reaction when his character came to life was priceless. Thank you!”

Papap & Mama

"They all look so cute. I was touched by how seriously the kids took the decision. They really pondered.Thank you so much!"


"Seeing my son's face light up when his dragon drawing became a real toy was magical. Mini Studio AI has turned our living room into a wonderland of his creations!"


"He made such a big deal showing off the character drawing to his parents and cousins once he realized it was made from his jellyfish on the fridge. It's such a solid product idea with a very cute impact."


"I drew a spaceship, and Mini Studio made it fly in a cartoon! It's like my dreams come to life on the screen!"


"My kid keeps asking to throw a party at the school to turn kids drawings into magic."