The first Viral AI Cartoon

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Bring imagination to life

We're an AI Production Studio

Storytelling meets technology

We exist to harness the magic of the most nascent technologies to craft impactful stories.

We develop our IP and yours
We create universes for audiences of all ages through our original IP and partner with brands and artists worldwide to bring their content to life.

AI for good
We build and train custom AI flows for each universe we create through our internal tools and open-source API's.

Our IP

The Fuzzlets

The adventures of our fuzzy furry litttle creatures of all colors living in Joyville.
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What if there was a place where children's drawings could come to life? Episodes coming soon...

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Pacha Mama

Step into the loving world of maternal wisdom with our mama bear and her stories. Through Pachamama's captivating tales, children will learn the power of their perceptions and the importance of being the author of their own story. Coming soon...

Client work


Custom-made gen AI models for content creation

We've been obsessed with developing an AI cartoon making machine. The internal tool we've built is the first Full Stack, all encompassing AI workflow there is. We're also experts in building custom models through LoRA's and ComfyUI that we're able to tailor to each IP's need.